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Speed post is a company advanced by the India post of the express industry of India. This group has fluctuated and rich experience of more than 30 years in Indian courier express industry. The company is shaped for taking into account the dynamic needs of electronic trade industry, which is developing rapidly. There is no single company as of now prepared totally to take into account the requirements of this quickly developing industry, which is seeing the progressions consistently. To get the dynamism which is required to meet and surpass the customers desires speed post tracking is ready to go up against the difficulties. It was resolved to work for their customers with energy, regard, openness and respectability to meet the continually changing requests for customers’ concerning coordination and satisfaction.

Speed Post is the most prominent and famous parcel in India. It is Government of India based organization. It has excellent coverage of network across every corner of India. Where there is no other courier company goes, there will be Speed Post. So, it is very close to hearts of Indian citizens. Speed post tracking feature is the best and most reliable tracking feature. The tracking form of the website https://speedpostz.in/ gives the most accurate and reliable current status of your parcel booked in any India Post office.

Speed mail is a courier company which solely focuses on delivering e-commerce products to the Indian customers. It provides end to end solutions which include order fulfillment, collection, transport, tracking, delivery of parcels, reverse logistics and drop shipping services. It is first unique network with home delivery and store pickup & return services. The advantage of this courier company is track and trace tool.

It is a delivery service supplier to the e-commerce industry in India. It is a master delivery service provider and is an activity of India Post, a chief express dispatch organization with the size, scale and delivery system of every pin code of India. It offers the primary pan India service, concentrated solely on the e-rating fragment with a span of every Pin Codes across India.

Its frameworks and procedures are custom fitted for e-commerce. It goal is to help Indian citizens obtain, hold and develop their clients by giving a remarkable conveyance experience. It offers a delivery service that is about giving you unrivaled quality, combined with the adaptability and dependability to develop your e-retail business.

Speed post has the achieve, size, speed and deftness to handle any volume of business, while it works with organizations to synchronize the experience they need to provide for their clients with services, innovation and procedures concentrated on e-commerce to guarantee consistent perfectibility of shipments and ongoing stream of data.

India Post is a largest and leading courier company in India. It has huge network in India with large number of employees. So they have entered in to fast deliver mails services and started a speed mail. It has widest delivery network is given below:

  • Delivery available in every city, village and pincode of India.
  • Huge number of employees and no one can match with this.
Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post Services

  • Speed mail delivers the item to the customer where the cost of the item is already paid by consignee.
  • Speed courier collects the cost of item upon delivery from the consignee and dispatches the same to the shipper.
  • It gathers the cost of the item from the representative and transmits to the shipper for dispatch of the item.
  • It will get the shipment for the benefit of the shipper from different merchants for delivering to the consignee.
  • It collects the delivered shipment from the consignee and return to the shipper.
  • Same day delivery service. Sunday and holiday pickup and delivery.
  • It delivers the shipments to the areas which are outside the municipal furthest reaches of adjusted city.
  • It gives the pickup and delivery benefits in clients marked uniform.
  • It gives completely marked client’s office to restrictive preparing of their shipments.
  • Speed mail delivers the parcels in all metros within 2 To 3 days across the pan India.
  • Delivery across every pin code without surcharge, maximum weight per parcel is 32 Kg.
  • Connivance, cost effective quicker and easy returns.
  • Seamless integration. Live reports and location based analytics.
  • Anomaly speed post tracking and resolution.
  • Reverse logistics and cash on delivery.

Speed post Products

  • In all metros, next business day delivery facility is available.
  • Return or exchange facility available.
  • Cash on delivery. Store pickup and return.
  • National distribution centers. Forward stock locations.
  • Domestic services are best for those customers, who have time sensitive needs.
  • Speed mail International services are designed for those customers, who send documents and parcels across globe.
  • Premium express services are mainly designed for metropolitan and major cities.
  • Priority services are designed for large corporate clients, multi nationals, financial institutes, banking and insurance companies.
  • Some other services are supply chain solutions and warehousing services.

India post is the most preferred and prominent courier company in India. The main services are freight transportation, logistics, warehousing, courier services and distribution services worldwide. It is best courier service when compared to other courier companies. Its domestic and international services are available in affordable prices.

Speed post is started in the aim of e-retail services. This company is spread in almost every pin code across India. Its services to the customers are value for money basis. One of the main advantages of this company is online track and trace tool. By using speed post tracking tool, you can find the current or delivery status of the consignment. Its services are safe, secure and reliable. Finally in India, when compare all courier companies in terms of delivering mails and other services, speed post is leading and best domestic express company and covering the services of both domestic and international.

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